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Saving for College With WA529


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Saving for College With WA529

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The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) sends regular messages to our partners and stakeholders with resources and information about college planning, financial aid, and more. Please consider sharing this with students and families in your community.

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College Savings Is for Everyone. Get Started With WA529.

Saving money for college or training gives your child more options after high school. Even a small amount of savings can help—it all adds up over time.

College savings plans known as “529 plans” were created to help parents, future students, friends, and family save money tax-free for eligible expenses, like tuition, fees, room & board, books, and supplies. Even students with scholarships and financial aid often take out student loans, so saving with a 529 plan can reduce or eliminate student loan debt. 

WA529 College Savings

Washington offers two state-administered 529 plans through Washington College Savings Plans (WA529)
Each plan has its own unique benefits. Families can
choose to save in one type of plan, or to diversify by
saving with both: 

  • DreamAhead College Investment Plan is a 529 Savings Plan that allows you to choose from multiple investment options and save money based on market performance. 
  • GET (Guaranteed Education Tuition) is a 529 Prepaid Plan, which allows you to purchase tuition units at a set price today and use them in the future to avoid long-term tuition inflation and stock market risk.  

Both programs are currently open for new enrollments. Learn more and start saving at wastate529.wa.gov.