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How Does a School Board Function?

How Does A School Board Function ?

An agenda is established for each meeting.  The Superintendent serves as Secretary to the Board and is responsible for preparing the Agenda.  In addition to the formal topics to be discussed or acted upon, every Agenda includes time for visitor recognition, as well as reports from advisory committees.  The Agenda is distributed to the Board Members prior to each meeting so they can be prepared to make decisions.  The Board will seldom act on items which are not on the Agenda.  Copies of the Agenda are available at each meeting and are posted on this website in advance. If you would like to place an item on the Agenda, contact the Superintendent at the District Office (258-4534) at least one week prior to a meeting.
The Board serves as a source of appeal if a school problem cannot be resolved.  If you have questions or concerns about your child's school or education, please first talk to the teacher.  The school's Principal is the next person to see.  If you feel you need more answers, contact the Superintendent.
The School Board represents the community in setting goals and policy for the School District.  The Superintendent and District Staff are responsible for the execution of the goals and policies.  The Board has final control over local school matters within the laws of the Legislature and the regulations of the State Board of Education.