Mary Walker Family Communications

Date: 02/24/2022  

Dear Mary Walker Community,                                                                    

The Mary Walker School Board and myself want to thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support as we work through these challenging times together.  With Governor Inslee’s announcement last Thursday, we now have a date set that allows our schools statewide to move to a mask optional setting beginning March 21st.  It has been two years since our schools were required to transition abruptly and our students, staff and community have risen to the challenge!

This exciting news will allow the Mary Walker School District to transition back to a new normal stage as we were pre-pandemic.  We are looking forward to the remainder of the school year, the upcoming changes and finishing off the year strong!  We understand this change will be embraced by some while causing concern for others. With that being said, Mary Walker School District will continue to be diligent about layered mitigation strategies that are still in place.

Some important points to be aware of:

  • As a school district, we will continue to follow the law, state mandates, and requirements from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (please see additional attachments under our COVID tab on the webpage).  
  • Until March 21st, all students, staff, and visitors must continue to wear face masks in all school buildings.
  • Starting Monday, March 21st, in alignment with state guidelines, masks will become optional for students, staff and visitors within our buildings.  Vaccination status will not be a factor.

To provide on-going safety for students and staff, these following guidelines will be important:

  • Mary Walker will ask families to continue to be cautious, keeping your children at home when sick or symptomatic and contacting your child’s school for next steps to return to school.
  • Mary Walker will continue to provide COVID testing for students and staff.
  • Students and Staff testing positive for COVID will need to isolate and follow our local DOH guidelines through Northeast Tri County Health to return to school.
  • Northeast Tri County Health District continues to provide responses to local pandemic situations.

We are still awaiting the new safety guidelines that are expected to be published in early March and further guidance from Northeast Tri County Health.  

The Mary Walker School District will continue to follow health guidelines to keep everyone safe, and our classrooms and schools open. This remains a partnership between families, students, and schools. Your continued support will help keep our schools focused on student academics and social development in a safe environment


Todd Spear

Superintendent, Mary Walker Schools